And today is a day just like any other
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And today is a day just like any other


I’m the kind of girl you can take home to your mom, but I’ll give you a blow-job on the way there. 11th March, Monday (9:14pm) Reblog ↬

11th March, Monday (9:10pm) Reblog ↬
Made roasted spinach and mushroom stuffed pork loin for dinner. Thought I lost my magic since I haven’t cooked in a while, but I’m glad is still have it! #foodporn #foodgasm
Pho for din din and a gratuitous bathroom photo to showcase my new niobium replacement septum retainer (2nd one of the month, I need to stop losing it)





Aren’t we all internet explorers?


do you mean we all run slow and people don’t like us?

thats exactly what we are

10th March, Sunday (11:58am) Reblog ↬
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